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How to Survive Winter in Seattle

So far we’ve had a fairly mild winter in Seattle. But that doesn’t mean that the shorter days, overcast skies, and lack of sunshine aren’t taking a toll on you. All of these things can affect our mood and can cause us to become reclusive and fatigued. The most extreme form of winter depression is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Taking a vacation to a sunny place is a great way to try to combat some of the negative effects. But if a vacation isn’t a realistic solution for you right now, what can you do?

Exercise is a great way to prevent the winter blues. Getting your endorphins firing is sure to increase your general sense of well-being as well as your energy. Try walking, jogging, biking, or swimming. Whenever possible, exercise in the sun or near a sunny window.

Getting enough vitamin D is also critical. Without it our moods shift, our sleep cycles get disrupted and our appetites increase. That equals a sad, sluggish and hungrier person. Not a good combination for feeling optimal! To counter a lack of Vitamin D from the sun, try spending 30 minutes per day in front of a specially designed light box to naturally improve mood and energy levels. Also, if you aren’t already taking vitamin D supplements, you should begin taking it in order to help keep you healthy throughout the chilly winter season.

Whenever possible let the natural light shine in. And lastly, resist the urge to bail on your friends and plans. Surrounding yourself with light and people you enjoy is a great way to elevate your mood.