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I’ve just started a new birth control pill and have been having spotting in between my periods. Is this normal? Do I need to come in for an appointment?

Dear “Spotting on New Birth Control”,

Spotting! What a pain! I feel for you. Unfortunately, it is completely normal and very common to spot or have breakthrough bleeding the first 3 months on any new hormonal birth control. That means it’s common and normal with the birth control pill, the OrthoEvra patch, the Nuvaring, Depoprovera, and the Mirena IUD. So there is nothing wrong with you or the birth control method you are using. It may be more likely to happen with a generic pill, the cheaper versions of the brand name pills. However, if the bleeding continues beyond the first 3 months then give us a call. We may just change your pill, or you may need further testing.

- Dr. Orly “Don’t worry unless I’m worried” Steinberg