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New Birth Control Options!

Sometimes it seems they’ll never come up with anything new in birth control. But the past couple of years have brought about some new options. Just this year there have been at least 2 new pills released that really are different. Then there’s Implanon, the new implant that goes under your skin in your inner arm, where no one will see it. And let’s not forget Essure, the first permanent birth control that can be administered in the office.

Here are the details:
LoLoestrin is a new pill with lower hormone amounts than any other combined birth control pill. What I mean by “combined” is that it has estrogen and progesterone like most pills. The only pill that has just progesterone is called the minipill and is not considered as effective. But Loloestrin is not only as effective as any other pill, it’s got less hormones and still leads to less bleeding each month. So not only are you protected from pregnancy, your periods are shorter and less crampy. The downside – it’s not available in generic, so it may be more costly for you, depending on your insurance. I would choose this pill for any woman wanting the lowest amount of hormones or a woman in her 40′s needing birth control or period control.

How do they name these pills? Natazia is another completely different pill. It has been available in Europe for years, but just arrived in the states this year. This is the one pill on the market where the estrogen is not ethinyl estradiol, but is instead estradiol valerate, and it is the only one with the progesterone dienogest. The hormone quantities vary at different times of the month in order to prevent breakthrough bleeding. I would choose this pill for women who have had problems with breakthrough bleeding or have failed other pills due to side effects. Again, the downside is that it is not available in generic.

Imlanon is implantable birth control. Implant it and forget it, for 3 years. The insertion requires a small injection of numbing medicine, and then it is painless and easy. Greater than 99% effective, Implanon is gaining popularity. Positives: no hassle birth control. Negatives: bleeding can be unpredictable, but is not more that without the implanon.

Finally, we have Essure, permanent birth control you can be sure of. Essure are coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes using a camera going into the uterus through the vagina and cervix. While the procedure requires pain and numbing medication, it can easily be performed in the office in just a short amount of time. The next day a woman can be back at work or doing all the things she loves to do. 3 months after the procedure the tubes are checked with an x-ray to make sure they are scarred closed. At this point it is safe to have sex without the use of other birth control. No more worries! And without having had to undergo surgery for a tubal ligation. And without having to keep nagging your husband to make that vasectomy appointment.

If you are interested in any of these new birth control methods, give the office a call at (425) 673-3420.