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The purpose of breast cancer screening is to detect early breast cancers before they can be detected by self-breast examination. It is believed that part of the reason that less people are dying from breast cancer these days is due to this early detection and starting treatment early before it can spread.

There are essentially 3 or 4 ways to screen for breast cancer. These methods are mammography, self-breast exam and physician breast exam. Occasionally MRI may be used in select patients. We will limit our discussion to mammograms for this article.


Probiotics are bacteria that are good for you. In fact they are so good for you that we want you to eat these bacteria! Before you get totally grossed-out, just think that probiotics are the bacteria that turn milk into yogurt. Yum!

Probiotics are living microorganisms that live all over our body. They are supposed to be on us! They don’t cause us any symptoms and protect us from invading bacteria, funguses and viruses that cause illness. We have trillions of probiotic bacteria on our bodies, mostly in our intestines.

What can probiotics do for you?

PT Tip: What to do when you have an urge?

One form of urinary incontinence is called urgency incontinence. This urge to urinate happens quickly, say when you turn the key in your front door and you don’t think you can make it to the bathroom fast enough. Here are some ideas to conquer urgency incontinence:

First: Stop the activity, stand or sit quietly and take some deep breaths, do some mental distraction techniques such as preparing your grocery list in your head.