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PT Tip: Back Pain During & After Pregnancy

Sponsored by: North Sound Physical Therapy

Back pain during and after pregnancy is common, but it is not normal if persistent. Back pain post-partum has been linked to pelvic floor problems, such as urine leaking. Begin exercising the pelvic floor muscles immediately after childbirth can help recover from the delivery easier.

Pre & Post Partum Back Care:

PT Tip: What to do when you have an urge?

One form of urinary incontinence is called urgency incontinence. This urge to urinate happens quickly, say when you turn the key in your front door and you don’t think you can make it to the bathroom fast enough. Here are some ideas to conquer urgency incontinence:

First: Stop the activity, stand or sit quietly and take some deep breaths, do some mental distraction techniques such as preparing your grocery list in your head.

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